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Design Principles

In today’s world of visual communication, design is an important element of your content you can’t ignore: Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than words, and can increase a viewer’s comprehension by 89%. As we say at SlideShare, visual is viral.

Modern-day Content ditches bullet points and clip art, and instead leverages large type and vivid imagery to draw in and engage an audience. Presentation designer Jesse Desjardins’ legendary deck “You Suck at PowerPoint!” gives an excellent overview -- and is a great example -- of designing a presentation for the modern audience. Rule No. 1: Less is more.

Before you take pen to paper (or, rather, mouse to screen), it’s important to understand the fundamentals of good design: Balance, emphasis, unity, and movement.


Use symmetry and asymmetry to emphasize certain elements


Make the most important element of your presentation stand out


Create a consistent visual theme throughout your slides


Use elements like curved lines to encourage the eye to move from one point to the next

Leveraging these principles of design will keep your audience visually engaged. Read more on design basics

Tools & Resources

PowerPoint isn’t the only option for creating presentations anymore. New apps and tools allow you to easily create beautiful presentations, infographics and design elements. Here are a few to check out:


More commonly known as Apple’s version of PowerPoint (remember to save and upload as a PDF to SlideShare!)


Create blog graphics, presentations and more using sophisticated design layouts


Insert your content into the Apple-only program and out will come a presentation that looks like an app


Great for users who love working on a browser; you can even get your decks translated

Google Slides

Similar to PowerPoint, with a cleaner interface that allows for collaborative editing


Create decks that are viewable on any device; you can also use other users’ designs and layouts


Add your content and the design is applied automatically; make adjustments with just a few clicks


Make a beautiful infographic in under 10 minutes; choose from more than 400 templates

Design an infographic in minutes using templates that allow you to drag and drop your desired elements

Pop your data into an Excel-style spreadsheet and watch your infographic automatically update


A simple-to-use site, you can choose from a wide number of templates, charts, images and more to create your perfect infographic


Choose from more than 100 customizable icons, and request new ones.


A tool to create professional-looking photos using various photo effects


A part of Evernote, Skitch allows you to add annotations, sketches, and more to your assets to make your point

Read more to find out the pros and cons of some of these alternatives

Tip: Check out the Presenter’s Toolbox, which includes apps and gear for a successful presentation!

Promotion Tips

Once you’ve created your SlideShare, you want people to read it, right? After all, great content is not great until it reaches the right audience.

SlideShare will automatically optimize your content to get traction via search, but it’s important to promote it yourself to increase virality. The more your SlideShare is shared on social media and embedded on other websites, the more views and reach it will get -- which will then lead to even higher search results.

Expand your reach by embedding your SlideShares in blog articles, company websites, LinkedIn posts and more.

When you embed, views on those embeds count towards your overall views. Embeds also help your content get discovered across the web, and can build your online reputation.

To find the embed code, click the <> at the bottom of the SlideShare player. Then, copy and paste the code in the Embed field.

Want a quick way to tap into another targeted, professional audience? View the guide below on embedding SlideShares into LinkedIn posts to reach LinkedIn’s more than 300 million members:

Tips from Experts

No one knows how to best leverage SlideShare than our users themselves. Many authors have published their own tips and tricks for success. Here are a few that stand out:

Here are some more best practices from experts like HubSpot, Social Media Examiner and Buffer: