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To help you enhance and market your content, we’ve built a few features for you on SlideShare. With these tools, you can:

Track and Analyze Content Insights

With Analytics, you can see data on how your content performs -- traffic sources, visits by country, engagement stats and more. Use Analytics to improve upon your content strategy!

Easily Create Stunning Presentations

Need help designing a visually standout deck? Use Haiku Deck on SlideShare to create beautiful presentations in three simple steps.

Integrate Video With Your Presentations

You can embed YouTube videos on slides within a presentation to give your viewers more.

SlideShare Analytics

With Analytics, you can gain insights into the performance of your content -- and then hone your strategy to drive even more views and engagement. Analytics helps you discover who’s viewing your content, where your audience is coming from, and when your content performs best.

See more Analytics tips from Hubspot:

Embed a YouTube Video

You can embed YouTube videos as a slide within a presentation. It’s a great way to include your live speech with the slides you presented, or provide additional information in video format.

Here’s how to do it:

  • After you upload your deck, click “Edit” then choose the “Edit YouTube video tab”
  • Choose the slide position where you want the video embedded; then paste the embed code for the video. SlideShare will add a slide at that spot with the video embed.